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What are the different types of thread sealants?

Tape Sealants

These are thin strips of PTFE (teflon)/(polytetrafluoroethylene) tape that are wound around the threads. They provide a non-hardening, low-friction seal.

Liquid Sealants

These are liquid compounds that are applied directly to the threads. They cure to create a flexible and durable seal. They are available in various viscosities and compositions, such as anaerobic, acrylic, and polyurethane.

Pipe Dope

Pipe dope is a paste-like compound that is applied to the threads. It often contains a mix of lubricating and sealing agents. It comes in a variety of formulations suitable for different applications.

Anaerobic Sealants

These are liquid sealants that cure in the absence of air and in the presence of metal. They create a strong and durable seal, ideal for high-pressure applications.

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