Flanges, Gaskets, Vibration Eliminators

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Valve Warehouse Australia provides a wide range of natural rubber gaskets, steel plate flanges and rubber vibration eliminators.

Natural rubber gaskets provide superior dynamic sealing. They have a low level of damping and good low-temperature properties, and mate well with metal surfaces. Natural rubber seals also resist tear and abrasion, and can resist shear and compression for long periods in the absence of tension. Steel pipe flanges are essential in industries like gas, transport, water and food and beverage, as well as power generation and chemicals. There are several benefits to steel flanges in these industries: Easy access, No welding, painting or blasting, Fast fabrication and ease of modification. Vibrations and shock can cause damage and wear to equipment and machinery across a range of industries. This often leads to a shorter lifespan, poorer performance and unnecessary noise. Rubber is widely regarded as the best material for vibration isolation.