Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

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Our Stainless Steel Tube Fittings have a comprehensive range of 316 tube fittings. This collection includes 45°, 90° LR bends, equal tees, concentric reducers, eccentric reducers.

Industries and Uses for Stainless Steel Tube Fittings
• Auto-Sport - Exhausts, Dump Pipes and Snorkels
• Architectural - Handrails and Balustrades
• Building - Electrical Conduits and Drain Pipes
• Dairy, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical - Tanks, Process Lines, Equipment, Filtration, Heat Exchangers, CIP Systems, Key Stations, Manifolds, Brine Lines, Chillers, Hoppers and much more.
• Marine - Guard Rails and Grab Rails
• Transportation - Road Tankers

AS 1528.3 Specifications - Tube Fittings
The aim of AS 1528.3 has been to standardize a hygienic tube fittings for use in dairy and other food and beverage manufacturing, that is effective in maintaining the required food safety standards and that is also readily available at a relatively economical price. The standards has been successful in these aims. It is also the only dimensionally integrated set of tube and fitting standards in the world.

AS1528.1 is by far the safest option … and the most cost-effective. It is specifically directed at food industry applications, specifying the features necessary to ensure high integrity lines for hygienic applications without requiring high cost additional mechanical testing. Batch traceability marking – considered essential to validate many food and pharmaceutical plants - is mandatory. Another key benefit is the existence of matching specifications for associated tube.

Dimensional Tolerances
Wall Thickness
AS 1528.1 specifies standard nominal thicknesses of 1.6mm for all ODs except 2.0mm for 203.2mm OD; other non-standard thicknesses can be specified by purchasers. The standard tolerance is +nil, -0.10mm. The all-minus tolerance recognises the usual practice for tube, to all specifications, to be produced towards the lower limit of the tolerance range. A range of between 1.52 and 1.58mm is typical. Slightly wider tolerances apply to the complimentary tube fittings covered by the other parts of AS 1528.

Outside Diameter
AS 1528.1 allows ovality of up to double the OD tolerance for all sizes. All the above specifications that allow extra ovality for thin wall tube still require the mean OD to be within their respective OD tolerances.
This tube specification give limits for OD and Wall Thickness – the Inside Diameter is not separately specified, even although from the hygiene point of view there may be some logic in doing so.

Weld Bead
AS1528.1 requires removal of the weld bead (except in the small sizes where the procedure is not possible). There is also a requirement that the internal surface be smooth, with no lack of weld penetration and no crevices adjacent to welds. This requirement addresses the heart of the issue - freedom from sites for product or bacterial build-up.