Galvanised Threaded Fittings, Pipes & Valves

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Galvanized steel pipe is covered with a zinc material to make the steel pipe more resistant to corrosion. The primary use of galvanized pipe is to supply water to homes and buildings. The zinc also prevents the buildup of mineral deposits that can clog the waterline.

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Valve Warehouse Australia provides a wide range of Galvanised Pipe and Fittings, Threaded BSP Tapered Both Ends.

Our threaded pipe and fittings are:
• Made to Australian Standards No. EN 10242
• Come with all types and sizes, from ½ Inch to 4 Inch Nominal Bore across multiple lengths
• Suitable for the flow of water up to a Maximum Working Pressure of 1034 KPA
• Consists of a highly durable composition which allows it to be a cost-effective option and easy application