Brass Ball Valves

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Our Brass Ball Valves are Full Bore 16 BAR Pressure Rated with BSP Threaded ends that are manufactured to the Plumbing Standards of Australia. Valve Warehouse Australia provides all types and sizes including the most popular sizes such as 20mm, 25mm, 40mm Brass Ball Valves.

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Brass Ball Valves are some of the most common types to utilize in Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Water Well, HVAC and many other applications. They are fairly easy to work with and install, and suit many applications where corrosion resistance is not a big issue. As a material, brass is softer than others (like stainless steel), which makes sealing them easier.

Our Range of Ball Taps also includes 3 Way Ball Valves, Mini Ball Valves and Lever Operated Ball Valves with a Blow-out Proof Stem. All Lever Ball Valves are individually tested prior to leaving our factory to ensure the highest quality of Valves on the market.