Bauer Couplings

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Bauer Couplings supplied will be hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance.

Used extensively worldwide in agriculture and industry to convey liquids and solids. Connections can be securely coupled or uncoupled quickly and easily – no tools or special skills are required.

Pipework can be connected if the couplings are not aligned as the ball and socket coupling principle allows in most sizes for a 30° articulation in all directions when using the Bauer HKsystem.

Quick action fitting with four parts - Male Ball, Closure Ring, Sealing Ring and Female Socket.

A single movement engages and locks the coupling, compresses the sealing ring to ensure a leakproof joint under both suction and delivery purposes.

The ball and socket arrangement ensures the seal is equally efficient at angles of up to 30⁰ degrees (less for 150mm and 200mm).